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North Hatley Library



BubJBublitz, JacquelineBefore you knew my nameFebruary 2023
CamCCambridge, ColleenA trace of poison12/11
DinDDibben, DamianThe color stormJanuary 2023
DurMDuras, MargueriteThe easy lifeJanuary 2023
FraWFraser, WhitCold edge of heaven12/08
GudHGudenkauf, HeatherThe overnight guest12/16
HamI 15Hamilton, IanThe general Tiananmen squareFebruary 2023
HeiMHeisey, MonicaReally, good, actuallyFebruary 2023
HenGHendriz, GradyHow to sell a haunted houseFebruary 2023
HjoVKjorth, VigdisIs mother deadJanuary 2023
HjoVKjorth, VigdisWill and testamentJanuary 2023
IrvJIrving, JohnThe last chairlift12/15
KapDKapoor, DeeptiAge of viceJanuary 2023
KarSKarunatilaka, ShehanThe seven moons of Maali Almeida2023-01-24
KenLKennedy, LouiseTrespasses12/29
KinBKinsolver, BarbaraDemon Copperhead2023-01-24
KhaAKhan, Ausma ZehanatBlackwater falls12/08
LacCLackberg, CamillaSilver tears12/16
LevBLevy, BuddyEmpire of ice and stoneJanuary 2023
JarPJarawan, PierreSong for the missingJanuary 2023
JarPJarawan, PierreThe storytellerJanuary 2023
MaySMayr, SuzetteThe sleeping car porter12/16
MccEMcCracken, ElizabethThe hero of this book12/08
McfFMcFadden, FreidaThe housemaid12/16
MilMMiller, MadelineThe song of Archilles12/16
MonSMontefiore, SanraAn italian girl in BrooklynJanuary 2023
NgCNg, CelesteOur missing hearts12/08
NorDNors, DortheA line in the worldJanuary 2023
OCoJO’Connor, JosephMy father’s houseFebruary 2023
ParAParikh, AmitaThe circus trainJanuary 2023
PenL/18Penny, LouiseA world of curiosities12/11
PerDPerkins-Valdez, DolenTake my handJanuary 2023
ProFProse, FrancineCleopatraJanuary 2023
RobBBethan, RobertsMy policeman12/11
ScaKScanlan, KathrynKick the latchFebruary 2023
SeçMSeçkin, Mina The fourth humors12/29
SerNSerpell, NamwaliThe furrows12/08
ShrPShroff, PariniThe bandit queensJanuary 2023
TecATector, AmyThe foulest things12/08
TecATector, AmyThe honeybee emeralds12/08
WalJWalsh, Jenni L.The call of the wrensJanuary 2023
WeiAWeiss, Andrew S.Accidental CzarJanuary 2023
ZigLZigman, LauraSmall worldFebruary 2023


155.9/MayKMay, KatherineWintering: the power of rest and retreat in difficult timesFebruary 2023
345.71/DelJDellandrea, Jon S.The great canadian art fraud case2023-01-24
362.8/GroVGroarke, VonaHereafter: the telling life of Ellen O’HaraFebruary 2023
616.02/MarJMarmoreo, Dr JeanThe last doctor12/11
704.03/EduEEdugyan, EsiOut of the sun12/15
798.4/ScaLScanlan, LawrenceThe horse god built12/11
818.54/GalDGallagher, DorothyStories I forgot to tell you12/29
919.8/LevBLevy, BuddyEmpire of ice and stoneJanuary 2023
921/ArdJArden, JaneIf I knew them12/11
940.53/FreJFreeland, JonathanThe escape artist: The man who broke out of Auschwitz to warn the world12/11
940.53/KerIKershaw, IanPersonality and power: builders and destroyers of modern Europe2023-01-24
941.05/GriSGristwood, SarahThe Tudors in love: passion and politics in the age of England’s most famous dynastyJanuary 2023
941.08/HarPHarry, PrinceSpareFebruary 2023
959.7/DonJDonohue, JohnThe greatest beer run ever12/08
973.7/MarBMartin, BrianFrom underground railroad to rebel refuge: Canada and the civil war12/29

Large Print

JewLJewell, LisaThen she was gone
JohIJohansen, IrisHigh stakes
LisALish, AtticusThe war for Gloria
SliLSlimani, LeilaIn the country of others
927.9/HowRHoward, RonThe boys: a memoir of Hollywood and family

Local Authors

811.6/BisGBishop, GregoryDesirous wonder: a book of poems, photos and songs
LalRLalonde, RobertThe little thief
LalRLalonde, RobertIotékha’
C811.6/BelTBellehumeur-Allatt, TanyaChaos Theories of goodness
C811.6/McITMcIntyre, Tanya StandishThe house you were born in
929/LebJLeBaron, JohnIt was only a movie

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