New Books

North Hatley Library

WINTER 2022 – SUMMER 2022


AllVAllende, IsabelVioleta03/09
BenMBenedict, MarieHer hidden genius04/13
BerFBerry, FlynnNorthern Spy
BoxCBox, C. J.Dark Sky
CosSCosby, S.A.Razorblade tears
DamGGalgut, DamonThe promise
DanDDaniel, DanielleDaughters of the deer04/11
DoeADoerr, AnthonyCloud Cuckoo Land
DoyRDoyle, RoddyLife without children04/11
DunNDunnin, NormaTainna: the unseen ones (short stories)
ErdLErdrich, LouiseThe night watchman
FaukFaulkner, KatherineGreenwich, Park04/11
FinAFinlay, AlexEvery last fear
FolKFollett, KenNever
GabDGabaldon, DianaGo tell the bees that I am gone
HarRHarding, RobynThe perfect family
HelMHeller, Miranda CowleyThe paper palace
HerCHernandez, CatherineScarborough03/09
JagLJago, LucyA net for small fishes
MalSMalone, Stephens GerardThe history of rain04/13
McdVMcdermid, Val1079
MorWMorris, M. WandaAll her little secrets03/09
MyeAMyers, AdeleThe tobacco wives04/11
O’NeHO’Neill, HeatherWhen we lost our heads03/09
OzeROzeki, RuthThe book of form and emptiness
PenL/17Penny, LouiseThe madness of crowds
PitAPitoniak, AnnaOur American friend04/13
ProNProse, NitaThe maid03/09
QuiKQuinn, KateThe diamond eye04/11
RobERobuck, ErikaSisters of night and fog04/11
SerRSerle, RebeccaOne Italian summer04/04
ShiMShipstead, MaggieGreat circle
SlaKSlaughter, KarinFalse witness
SpoSSpotswood, StephenFortune favors the dead
SteCStevens, ChevyDarks roads
StjSSt. James, SimoneThe sun down motel04/11
StjSSt. James, SimoneThe book of cold cases04/11
SweCSweeney-Baird, ChristinaThe end of men
ToiCToibin, ColmThe magician
TokOTokarczuk, OlgaThe book of Jacob04/13
VarMVargas, MarioHarsh times
VanGVanderhaeghe, GuyAugust into winter
WilCWilkerson, CharmaineBlack cake04/04
WinSWinman, SarahStill life


152.4/IgnMIgnatieff, MichaelOn consolation
306.87/SchkSchutz, KathrynLost and found
303.6/MacMMacmillan, MargaretWar: how conflict shaped us04/04
303.49/MarSMarche, StephenThe next civil war04/13
338.7/KeePKeefe, Patrick RaddenEmpire of pain : the secret history of the Sackler family
338.20/AngCAngus, CharlieCobalt: cradle of the demon metals 04/11
364.15/JobDJobb, DeanThe case of the murderous Dr. Cream
381.45/KinRKing, RossThe bookseller of Florence : the story of the manuscripts that illuminated the renaissance
577.3/RawBRawlence, BenThe treeline: the last forest and the future of life on earth04/13
579.5/SheMSheldrake, MerlinEntangled life : how fungi make our worlds, change our minds & shape our futures
720.971/BieRBiesinger, Raymond305 buildings of Canada04/11
759.1/PeaMPeacock, MollyFlower diary : in which Mary Heister Reid paints, travels, marries & opens a door
914.22/HaiKHaigh, KenOn foot to Canterbury
915.7/ThuCThubron, ColinThe Amur river: between Russia and China
915.49/RusHRustard, HarleyLost in the valley of death04/13
917.18/ShoAShoalts, AdamThe whisper on the night wind: the true history of a wilderness legend
923.7/WilJWilson-Raymond, JodyIndian in the cabinet: speaking truth to power
920.5/ManPMansbridge, PeterOff the record
926.4/BouAWoolever, LaurieBourdain the definitive oral biography
927.9/CumACumming, AlanBaggage: tales from a fully packed life
927.9/DavADavies, AlanJust ignore him
927.96/FedRClarey, ChristopherThe master: the long run and beautiful game of Roger Federer
927.96/WicHWickenheiser, HayleyOver the boards: lessons from the ice
956.9/LemGLemmon, Gayle TzemachThe daughters of Kobani : a story of rebellion, courage, and justice
971.05/HilMHill, MichaelThe lost prime ministers04/13
971.46/PocJPocock, JoanneGeneva’s scrapbook: memoir04/13

Large Print

AdaTTaylor, AdamsNo exit
DoeADoerr, AnthonyCloud cuckoo land
JewLJewell, LisaThen she was gone
JohIJohansen, IrisHigh stakes
LisALish, AtticusThe war for Gloria
SliLSlimani, LeilaIn the country of others
ZauMZauner, MichelleCrying in H Mart

Local Authors

C811.6/BelTBellehumeur-Allatt, TanyaChaos Theories of goodness
920.5/WebNWebster, NormanNewspapering
929/LebJLeBaron, JohnIt was only a movie

Audio Books

GalR 1Galbraith, RobertThe cuckoo’s calling
HonGHoneyman, GailEleanor Oliphant is completely fine